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 Porto Pollo

Op 30min rijden van Olbia liggen 2 prachtige baaien met mooi strand en veel windzekerheid !
Hier vindt u de appartementen Windvillage and het Pro center van Michiel Bouwmeester. JP, RRD, Neil Pryde

Welcome to the Pro Center - Sardinia - Porto Pollo

The Pro-Center team is all set to welcome you to yet another dream holiday in 2013 windsurfing and kitesurfing at Porto Pollo. This year, in addition to our reputation for maintaining high quality standards, we have lots of new specials on offer: 200 brand new 2013 RRD boards, 2013 Neil Pryde rigs in all sizes and a large selection of kids gear. Several SUP boards and sea kayaks are available free of charge in combination with weekly rental package deals. Sun beds are complementary during low season. Training at all levels is under the expert supervision of our international team of instructors.

The white sandy beach around Pro-Center is bordered by crystal clear water and is ideal for learning as well as for leisure and relaxation. If you wish to come with your family and want to enjoy surfing without worrying about your kids, we offer free supervision. Facilities at Pro-Center include: WiFi access, a beach bar and a restaurant. Don’t miss happy hour in the beach bar and in the weekly BBQ and beach party.

The Pro-Center team is looking forward to your visit to Porto Pollo!

Wind conditions
The advantageous location of the MB-Pro Center along the channel between Corsica and Sardinia, guarantees great wind conditions for Windsurfing & Kiteboarding. We have four wind systems; the Tramontana, Maestrale, Ponente and Scirocco which blow across both bays of Porto Pollo at wind strengths ranging from 4 to 8 Bft.: ideal for all levels of Windsurfers/Kiters. In the morning winds are ideally suited for beginners. In the afternoon, a stronger breeze prevails and presents exciting conditions for more radical action. During the summer, the prevailing wind is the Ponente, with wind forces ranging between 4-8 Bft. During the autumn the Scirocco, from North Africa, typically blowing at 5-6 Bft, can reach strengths up to 8 Bft. In addition to the wind-favorable geographical situation of the site, the wind in the bay is also accelerated due to the narrowing of the hilly terrain around Porto Pollo. The combination of terrain and location in the straits of Bonifacio results in exceptional windy flat water conditions. Small waves can also be found a little further out in the bay. Furthermore the whole family can enjoy the many activities offered, as well as the such as beach-parties with live music and barbecues on the beach.

Windsurfing Lessons
Have you ever dreamed of blasting at exhilarating speeds whilst hanging comfortably in your harness with both feet in the straps of your windsurfboard? At our MB-Pro Center we can not only teach you this but also much more. Under the expert supervision of our experienced staff, through watching our own learning videos and by practising on our simulators, you will learn all the secrets of windsurfing while enjoying the safety and comfort of the beach. Whether you are a beginner or already an expert, you will find a large variety of courses well adapted to your level or your needs. With nearly 30 years of experience in windsurf education, the MB-Pro Center is the perfect place for you to progress rapidly.
The MB Pro Center offers Weekly-Package "Kids-Windsurfing-Academy"

Kite Lessons and Pro EquipmentAll lessons at the MB pro Center are designed to teach all levels of kitesurfing, using the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) methodology, with fully qualified, professional instructors.

Windsurf Village **
Il Nido dei Gabbiani ***
Villa Del Golfo ****
Hotel Le Dune ***

Michiel Bouwmeester
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